SPI Software Adds Conversational InSightsTM from SPI Connect™ Through Exclusive ConnectionsGRP Partnership

SPI Software, in partnership with ConnectionsGRP, announces the inclusion of Conversational InSights™ into SPI’s expanding InSights platform. The actionable insights derived from this software provides a wealth of Conversational Intelligence that has long been the missing link between guest-resort interactions, delivering significant business value for the vacation/timeshare industry.

This unique system collects all messaging information from customer text interactions, providing deep insights into a resort’s operations.”

— Gordon McClendon, CEO SPI Software

Providing Guest Insights to Resorts. According to Gordon McClendon, CEO of SPI Software, “This highly unique system collects all messaging information from customer text interactions, providing deep insights into a resort’s operations, with the objective of wisely using that information to ultimately provide valuable insights from all the unstructured data. ConnectionsGRP’s advanced conversational intelligence and analytics reporting allows resorts to capture every response, request, trends, and patterns without relying on someone to listen and monitor every call that comes into a property.”
Actionable Conversational Intelligence. Every text conversation from ConnectionsGRP’s CPaaS Platform is stored and may be quickly analyzed to provide valuable Conversational InSightsTM. The integration of Conversational InSights with SPI ConnectTM allows analysts to mine valuable anecdotal communication data about the guest experience during the guest’s lifecycle with each brand.

Providing management with actionable conversational intelligence delivers valuable information to support personalized and segmented guest experiences and operational insights. This enables resort operations and management teams to utilize previously inaccessible information, helping to improve the guest experience, while maximizing employee’s productive time.

SPI’s Conversational InSights™ unlocks dynamic actionable decision-making with real-time conversational intelligence from every aspect. This robust solution provides the intelligence to enable vacation/timeshare management and employees to quickly make informed decisions to capitalize on opportunities, take corrective measures, drive innovation, and provide personalized guest experiences.

Understanding the Whys. “SPI’s Conversational InSights takes a deep dive into the story behind all the text and WhatsApp messages being recorded. Conversational InSights answer the “why” of customers’ responses and reactions. This allows hospitality operations teams to learn the reasons behind Guest Comment Card ratings using all the words sent and received via text or WhatsApp allowing the resorts to generate positive brand connection with their guest,” said Anthony Link, CEO of ConnectionsGRP.

Measuring more than words—word association. Connections’ Anthony Link said: “We like to use the words “Data Exhaust,” meaning the analysis that comes from all communication data. When a guest takes a survey, the survey measures a period of time at that moment. Our analysis does not just measure the words in all the conversations, but the word association many levels deep as well. For example, this is how we discovered that a property in California had defective toilet paper holders that kept breaking. We also found out that the property was not maximizing their onsite amenities because the guests never were aware of what was on property.

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