Texting has become the preferred channel for communication. ConnectionsGRP can text enable any line (land and/or cell) so hotel guest, vacation club members and timeshare owners can can engage with resorts where and when they want. Our feature-rich platform is easy to use and can be customized based on a resort’s needs. Our platform is fully customizable to engage in conversations with clients and customers no matter what your business.

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Concurrent Conversation

Engage in multiple concurrent sessions. Your front desk team can interact with multiple guest in real-time.

Filtering & Sorting

Powerful search and view functionality is enhanced by the ability to save searches for later use and create an inbox according to your preferred view.

Built For Teams

Administrators and Manages can view all agent activity. Tailor it to your needs with
made to order groups depending on
assignments and tasks.

Shared Inbox​

Allows anyone to take new conversations in the queue. Transfer between groups, departments and employees.

Internal Notes

Add internal notes directly into the message thread. They are hidden so that only your group in a company can see the comments.

Quick Replies & Auto Replies

Create and reuse canned responses. Includes built-in spell checker and character counter. Set Auto-Responses during after-hours

Universal Device Friendly

Access from any web connected device or desktop.

Supports Multi-Level Companies

Flexible configuration to support multiple groups, teams, departments, units, and locations.


Audio and visual alerts prompt you when new messages come in.


ConnectionsGRP believes in maximizing communication channels resort guests and international travelers can easily access without changing their preferred method of communication. To accommodate these global customers, we can easily setup resorts WhatsAPP into the ConnectionsGRP communication platform and provide communication access to all users, while working out of one platform. Best of all, any ConnectionsGRP feature designed for texting will work with WhatsApp as well.


Work with our team to build out custom smart automated responses to streamline ComTech Communication Automation and enhance customer experience. We can easily create a frequently asked question bot to answer guest’s questions about pool hours or send them the Wi-Fi code without any staff intervention. We can even automate a check-out a survey link to let you know how the staff did. Let us know your AI Conversational Routing needs and we’ll work with you to create workflows that pave the way for seamless communication for your resort, your guest, your business and your team. 

Macro - Integrations

ConnectionsGRP’s partnership with Syniverse automatically gives our clients fast, direct access to standard integrations built within the eco system. Connect text and chat information into Salesforce, Orcale or Marketo easily. Work with us to maximize your omni-channel solutions.

Micro - Integrations

On top of existing integrations, ConnectionsGRP builds out custom Micro Integrations that work hand in hand with our custom automation. For example, a guest asks for more towels for their room. ConnectionsGRP will smart route that request over to housekeeping, while simultaneously creating a work order, updating the CRM and responding back to the guest.

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